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Recovery Stack


  • Speed recovery & build lean muscle

  • More strength, endurance, and energy for high performance

  • Decrease post-workout muscle soreness

  • Stimulant-free pre and post-workout stack
  • Reduce build up of lactic acid during exercise

  • The Recovery Stack is a combination of 2 DYNAMIS products (AMINOpulse and REFUEL s6k) taken pre and post-workout to help increase strength & endurance, maximize exercise performance, build lean muscle, and speed recovery. Supplementing with AMINOpulse™ before your workout will increase your energy levels, build lean muscle, maximize endurance, and buffer lactic acid while increasing exercise performance and strength. Taking 1 scoop of REFUEL s6k™ stacked with AMINOpulse™ after your workout helps to build lean muscle mass, speed recovery, and reduce post-workout muscle soreness. High performance demands optimal recovery, get on top of your game and feel the difference with the DYNAMIS Recovery Stack.

    Recommended Use (Clinical Dosing)

    • Take 1 serving (4 capsules) of AMINOpulse™ 45 minutes before your workout with 500 mL of water. Can be stacked with IGNITION xT™ or FUEL xRm™ to maximize performance and results based on your exercise goals.
    • Take another serving of AMINOpulse™ 15 minutes after exercise with 1 scoop of REFUEL s6k™ in 250-500 mL of water (depending on taste preferences) to increase lean muscle growth and reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) 

    AMINOpulse Supplement Facts

    Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetable capsule)

    REFUEL s6k™ Supplement Facts

    Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Natural flavours, Stevia, Sucralose