Made in Canada with love since 2009.

Height: 5'4"          Weight: Stage: 118 lbs     Offseason: 124 lbs

Yvette is a Certified Fitness Trainer and a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant who is passionate about being a balanced, natural athlete. She shares her nutritional services, experiences, recipes and more on her website at and also sells competition posing shoes. Yvette can help assess and identify your own unique biochemistry to improve your athletic lifestyle and reach your goals in safe and healthy ways. Also watch for Yvette's Holistic Tip of the Week on the DYNAMIS website and social media!

As a holistic nutrition professional, Yvette’s approach is rooted in science and uses food as a tool to improve the functioning of the major body systems (digestive, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, etc) to foster improved wellness, sustainable weight loss, increased athletic gains, or whatever your goals may be. As a competitive athlete, Yvette is passionate about pushing my body beyond limits, often taxing the body systems. It is the balancing of these juxtaposing ends that make her unique within the field of holistic nutrition.


  • Certified Holistic Nutrition, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
  • CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist

Other Interesting Facts:

  • I love the Beatles!
  • Yvette always places the weight plates on a bar number side facing in - a little superstition she believes will keep the energy and power facing inward toward her!


  • May 2016 NPAA BC: First Place Masters Fitness Model - Elite Pro Card 
  • May 2016 NPAA Calgary: 3rd Place Open Figure - Elite Pro Card
  • May 2014 - 1st Place Masters Figure, 3rd Place Open Figure (NPAA BC)
  • May 2014 - 2nd Place Masters Figure, 4th Place Open Figure (NPAA Calgary)
  • NPAA Canada Classic Calgary (May 19th, 2013) - 5th Place Open Figure and 3rd Place Masters Figure.
  • CTV Athlete of the Week (May 17, 2013)
  • Winner Transformation Award at NPAA Vancouver May 5, 2013
  • NPAA Canada Classic Vancouver (May 5, 2013) -  4th place Open Figure, 2nd place Masters Figure
  • NPAA Canada Classic Calgary (September 30, 2012) - 3rd place Open Figure, 2nd place Masters Figure
  • NPAA Calgary 5th place Novice Figure (May 20, 2012) - 2nd place Masters Figure
  • I have enjoyed competitive squash for the last decade, and numerous full and half marathons prior to that

Favourite Supplements


"Or as I call it, my Vitamin I. No jitters or buzzing like many pre-workout products, just a noticeable great energy all through my workout. So often I finish a workout thinking; Wow, I didn't think I had that in me today!"