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At DYNAMIS, we pride ourselves on being different than other sports nutrition companies in maintaining unprecedented quality and integrity with each of the cutting edge products we develop. We only develop products that have been proven in human clinical trials to effectively and safely enhance exercise performance, improve recovery, accelerate results, and benefit long term health.

Our Core Values

Small Batch Sports Nutrition Supplements

  • Maintaining the utmost highest quality and purity of our products is extremely important. All individual raw ingredients are tested individually for quality and purity before they are used to manufacture our products. Our products are manufactured in smaller batches than our competitors, this ensures that the production of each batch is consistent in quality, mixing, and overseen with diligence. 

Transparency to Our Consumers

  • Providing unparalleled transparency to our consumers and the public in what we put into our products, why it is there in the first place, and staying true to ensuring our labels state the exact ingredients and amounts that are in every serving. We don't "spike" our products with cheaper ingredients or put small, ineffective doses of ingredients in just so we can claim it is there. 

It's in the Science

  • Just because an ingredient shows promise in a lab rat or a test tube doesn't mean it works for humans. We are dedicated to providing you with only the highest quality safe and effective supplements which is why we only use ingredients that are proven in scientifically sound HUMAN clinical trials. We don't jump on bandwagons and put ingredients in our products because they are "trendy", mentioned in a TV talk show, or heavily marketed by other companies in the industry. We stick to our guns and only formulate our products with ingredients that are PROVEN to be EFFECTIVE and SAFE for our customers.

    DYNAMIS Direct to You

    • To maintain our strict standards of quality, DYNAMIS primarily sells directly from our website to our consumers. Third party retailers require significant margins to carry products in stores and also require products be priced competitively with the "biggest brands" in the industry so they can make more money. Due to our dedication to maintaining the quality and integrity of our product along with a flawless customer experience, we only sell to retailers that have the same core values and motives as us. 

    More Quality Ingredients, Less Crap!

    • We pride ourselves on only using the purest and highest quality ingredients at the clinically proven doses to formulate our products. Every aspect of traditional supplements including the flavours, colours, and fillers effect your body and we are conscious of this when we make our products. DYNAMIS does not use any artificial colours, flavours, or fillers in any of our products because we want to provide you with the absolute cleanest product without any of the "crap" you don't need. Extra fillers and colours used by many other companies take up space in each serving and reduces the amount of active ingredients, and that just won't do. Although our products won't create a "cool" artificial neon green colour when they're mixed, we figure our discerning customers would appreciate more active ingredients to help you improve your performance and achieve your goals instead. 

      The Ultimate Online Experience

      • We aim to provide the ultimate online shopping experience to all of our customers, when you order from DYNAMIS direct, expect: 
        • Tracking number provided as soon as your product is shipped so you know exactly when it arrives
        • Fast shipping times (5 business days maximum) within Canada
      • We are continually building our online resource database with informative articles, recipes, workouts, exercise demonstrations, and more to give you the tips and tools you need to achieve your goals in and outside of the gym
      • We are very active on social media and love when our customers get involved. Take part in our contests, challenges, and more though our pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Get involved and be a part of the DYNAMIS family. 
      • We stand behind every one of our products with a 100% money back guarantee and are pleased to bring the highest quality sports nutrition supplements from our family, to yours.