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Height: 5'4"          Weight: 120 lbs

Hi! My name is Stephanie Jones and I’m extremely excited and honoured to be a part of the Dynamis Team.  I was born in Newmarket (Ontario), but moved to Regina (Saskatchewan) shortly after.  A place I’ve now called home for the past 20 years. I have been actively involved in sports my whole life.  I was always on the move growing up and was always finding new ways to challenge myself.

I was a competitive swimmer with the Dolphins Swim Club, a competitive volleyball player with the RADZ and RVC volleyball clubs, recreationally played hockey, baseball and football, and I danced competitively with Applause Dance Studio. My love of dance eventually took to me to New York City in 2005, where I trained with the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory for 5 years (moving my way up through the ranks from Dancer in Training to Principle Dancer).

The Conservatory’s daily physically demanding workouts and hip hop/breaking conditioning classes had me falling in love more and more with training and physical education every day.  So eventually, while I continued my education in dance, I too began to pursue my new love of fitness with the American Academy of Personal Training.  With my certification in hand, I then returned to Regina in 2010 and began my career as a  Certified Personal Trainer with Gold’s Gym.  I have been working at Gold’s Gym Regina now for 5 years (going on 6) and I absolutely love what I do.

In 2013, I decided to take on a new challenge and compete in my very first show as a bikini and fitness model competitor in the all natural UFE No Mercy competition.  After placing in both divisions and earning my way into an Elite Competitor status, I was instantly hooked.  I absolutely love to compete.  I love the process, the hard work involved in preparing for a show, the dedication, the discipline and the focus. And I love to see where one can take their body with a consistent, positive and unwavering mindset.  I have competed in 4 different shows now and I can't wait to continue on my competitive journey as I move into the future! 

Fitness is my life and I love to help others.  I look to educate, motivate and share my experiences so that I may inspire others to pursue their own dreams and goals!     

  • AAPT (American Academy of Personal Training) Certified

  • NCCPT (Smart Fitness) Certified

  • FemSport Certified

  • Agatsu 1 Kettlebell Certified 

Other Interesting Facts:
  • I absolutely love to snowboard!  If you can`t find me in the gym training or in a studio teaching dance, your best bet is to look for me on a very large hill (in Saskatchewan) or on a mountain (in Alberta or British Columbia) for the majority of the winter season!


  • 2013 - UFE No Mercy Fitness Model – 2nd 
  • 2013 – UFE No Mercy Bikini – 4th
  • 2014 – UFE No Mercy Fitness Model – 4th 
  • 2014 – UFE No Mercy Bikini – 2nd 
  • 2014 - UFE World Championships Elite Bikini Division - 6th

Favourite Supplements

My favourite Dynamis product is, without a doubt, Fuel xRm! This fast acting, gluten free, soy free, lactose free, banned substance free, citrus flavoured, power house pre-workout is a staple in my daily workout routine. I absolutely love fuelling my system with this amazing high energy, BCAA infused, mental focusing, completely all natural, performance enhancing compound that hits quick and gives me continuous endurance. If you haven't checked it out yet....don't delay! Your workout (and muscles) will definitely be thanking you!