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Mens Physiqe IFBB Pro in Toronto, ON

 Height: 6’2"          Weight: 200 lbs


Jason's Stack: AMINOpulse

"I use AMINOpulse before and after my workouts to repair muscle and speed up recovery time."

- Jason Crawford, IFBB Pro



About Jason:

I am dedicated and well rounded person that enjoys other sports besides competing in Men's physique at the Pro level. I've been lifting weights and involved in sports for over 30 years. I have competed at a high level in mma which I've attained a black belt in martial arts. I enjoyed playing hockey and baseball which I played at a varsity level. Besides staying fit, I enjoy family time with kids and wife and lead by example of a healthy life style at home. Enjoying a healthy life balance is a big factor in life. I have won a overall title in the OPA and have placed top 2 in most of my shows. I've been competing in the OPA for 7 months and did 4 shows where I was very successful in obtaining my IFBB PRO card.


  • University Degree
  • Personal Training Specialist - Can Fit Pro
  • DTS - Darby Training Systems - Kettlebell Training, Functional Training, Striking Fundamentals, Powerlifting Fundamentals

Other Interesting Facts: 

  • I enjoy travelling with my family, playing various sports, and watching movies


  • IFBB Pro Card (Physique - August 2015)
  • Black Belt in Karate

Connect with Jason:

Instagram: @jay_mcraw_ifbbpro