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Bikini Athlete & Personal Trainer in Warren, MB

 Height: 5’6"          Weight: 140 lbs


Christina's Stack: Lean Body Stack

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About Christina:

My love for fitness started from a very young age. Whether I was playing, badminton, volleyball or ice hockey with my brothers outdoors, I always loved to exercise. During high school I decided to join some of the football guys in the the gym one day and was instantly hooked. Lifting weights with the guys became a norm for me. 

Everyone always told me, ‘oh girls shouldn’t lift heavy or weight train to much because your going to get bulky.’  But that statement never bothered me as I always was the ‘tom boy’ in the weights area at the gym.  

Lifting weights and being fit gave me a feeling of empowerment and strength. After high school I began to experience the stresses of ‘adult’ life and decided to go for a run one day. Because I had experienced asthma in my junior years, it kept me from running longs distances. But after months of training and growing out of having asthma, I eventually grew up to run and complete 4 half marathons.

In my early 20’s the university years of party’s and unhealthy eating, got the best of me. I ended up in and out of the hospital with various serious health problems and surgeries, and decided enough was enough. 

Once back at the gym, I had a former fitness competitor approach me one day and tell me that I should compete for a show.  My love for lifting and working out obviously was there, and I trained for my first bikini competition, finishing and very happy with 7th place.

Continuing my love for fitness, I decided that working as a trainer was a great fit for me.  I worked in and out of the gym for a number of years and really grew to love training others. 

Over 6 years ago I met my wonderful husband Joe and his 3 beautiful children, and became an instant step mom. Or family quickly grew, and Joe and I quickly had 2 more children together(kids ages 14,14,9,4,2).  Being a stay at home mom for a couple of years and having some time off, I soon missed the dedication that I had for fitness. After having each of my babies, I set goals and got right back into shape.  

I was an entrepreneur at heart and my husband encouraged me to start doing what I loved, helping and inspiring others.

After being a participant in the Dynamis Challenge that Tea Cuk ran last year, I lost all my baby weight and more, but gained that passion back.

Two years ago, we moved our growing family to the country, just outside of Winnipeg.  After adjusting to our 80 acre Ranch,  it was time to bring my fitness passion to our community. 

8 months ago,  I began running Boot camp classes out of the local community hall and even ran a local fundraiser class with over 30 boot campers to raise over $1500 for Cancer, in honor of my late grandfather, who lost his battle to Leukemia. 

I am the owner at Backcountry Fitness & Conditioning, where I run Boot camps classes,  offer online training and even have run a fitness program in my children's school. 

Being a wife and a mother to our 5 beautiful children, I have an obligation to my family to stay healthy and fit, to be able to keep up with them as a positive role model.  As for the community that we are now part of, I hope to continue to leave a lasting impression and continue to show people that working out can be fun and help teach them how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  


  • Can Fit Pro - Personal Training Specialist

  • Certified Volleyball Level 1 Coach

Other Interesting Facts: 

  • My family and I have recently invested and run a hobby farm where we have a variety of animals. 

  • I have a pet pot bellied pig that weighs over 150 lbs and her name is Penelope

  • I also have a small herd of 6 Alpacas, and 3 of them are expecting babies in the spring


  • Owner/Founder at Backcountry Fitness & Conditioning

  • 2007 MABBA Novice Winnipeg, Manitoba 7th place

Company motto: 

“Inspiring Lives, One body at a time”

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Instagram: @Backcountryfitmom