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WBFF Pro & Online Transformation Specialist in Calgary, AB


 Height: 6'0"          Weight: 200 lbs

Brians's Stack: Recovery Stack

My favourite DYNAMIS supplement is the REFUEL s6k White Chocolate Brownie flavoured protein powder. I make it with my morning shakes, throw some cashew milk, spinach, a banana, and some cinnamon to make a delicious start to my day. I trust AMINOpulse to keep me anabolic while I'm cutting for my show. I take 2 pills before my fasted cardio in the AM and 2 before my workout in the afternoon.

About Brian:

In my younger years I was overweight! At 14 years old I lost 30lbs and started playing football for my Grade 10 year. This gave me a passion for sport and I took my football career to the highest possible level that I could, playing Junior for the Okanagan Sun Football Club.

After my football career concluded I still had an undying passion for fitness so I entered my first competition. I placed 7th out of 35 athletes. I committed to getting my professional status, which would mean placing 1st at a show! It took me 2 years and 4 shows, and I did it! I earned my WBFF Pro Card in October of 2015.

Now that I reached a goal that was inside of me for so long I’m passionate about helping other people reach levels that they never thought possible! I believe in training to win, setting big goals for yourself, and pushing yourself to the limit to achieve and exceed them.


  • ISSA Sports Nutrition Certification

  • ISSA Personal Training Certification

Other Interesting Facts: 

  • I have an addiction to peanut butter, protein powder and oatmeal.

  • After a heavy leg day I need to listen to slow jams.

  • I LOVE training with people who are intense in the gym; I go hard and I feed off that energy.


  • WBFF 7th Place (Edmonton 2013)

  • WBFF 2nd Place (Montreal 2015)

  • WBFF 1st Place (PRO card October 2015)

  • Calgary High School Football All-Star (2008, 2009)

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